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    All done in-house. Thats why BURG GERMANY knows how to manufacture parts and components with perfect quality.

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    BURG GERMANY delivers simply the best in quality and value

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Thanks to our team member efforts, we became one of the important part suppliers in the biggest automobile manufacturing factories in the Middle East. Our parts are used in assembly line as well as after sales services sector. This was possible only because we pushed our business into the OE quality limits.

BURG GERMANY® is an OES (Original Equipment Supplier) to the largest automobile manufacturer in the middle east.

Automotive parts and components made for OE and Aftermarket

BURG GERMANY® is the manufacturer of German quality replacement parts for light vehicles.

In-house Design and Engineering

BURG GERMANY® designs and engineers all parts in-house with very high standards, from single steel ball to complicated gearboxes.

Worldwide Warranty

The quality BURG GERMANY® delivers, comes with warranties for our customers peace of mind.


Why you should consider working with us as a german brand throughout the world:

Strong Brand

BURG GERMANY® is a very recognizable brand which officially carries the name of GERMANY within its body. By that we always focus on how strong we follow GERMAN automating culture.

We know how this business works

BURG GERMANY® has more than 14 years of experience in this field. We offer a wide range of products which are branded and sold by BURG GERMANY® through sales agents or distribution partners around the world. What we offer is quality along with reasonable price.

OE Quality wherever needed

BURG GERMANY® production facilities are able to produce OE quality parts and components along with after market option. When we design a product we aim for OE quality. Therefore you can always expect the best from us even if its for aftermarket.


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The constant quality control system we follow for every single piece of product delivers reliability, control and safety. That is the reason we give a very good warranty to our products.