Design And Engineering


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Design and Engineering

From single piece of a steel ball or a simple hinge up to the most complex automatic gearboxes, all can be designed and engineered in house. BURG GERMANY always looks forward to give it customers the reliable solutions.

We take care of our customers till development of the final product. That means the final quality of the end product will be guaranteed upon supervision of our team. This is what we do.

How the work flow works :

  • First we define the problem or the need of a certain property.
  • We then do a background research.
  • Afterwards we specify all requirements.
  • We often do brainstorming for solutions.
  • And then we choose the best solution.
  • Development work will begin.
  • And we can Build a Prototype.
  • Testing and Redesigning will finalize the project.
Main segments
  • Automotive design Engineering and FEA Analyses Nonlinear.
  • Gear Box design Engineering and FEA Calculations
  • Automatic transmission design
  • Engine design Engineering and FEA Calculations Nonlinear + Dynamic
  • Submarine drive units Engineering FEA Calculations Nonlinear + Dynamic
  • Thrust Bearing ( submarine and Ship )
  • LNG-Valve design Engineering
  • Base Design in 3D
  • FEA Calculation
  • Topology
  • Optimization
  • Main and Detail Design in 3D
  • Welding Process
  • Separate Part 2D Drawing and Assembly Drawing
  • Kinematic Analyze
  • Hydraulic Circuit Design and Circuits Simulation
  • Manufacturing Process , Programming in CNC

Sample Projects:

  1. V10 Engine design and optimization
  2. V16 marine diesel engine complete design
  3. Complete chassis and suspension design of special offroad vehicle
  4. Complete design and engineering of tractor automatic gearbox
  5. Industrial marine 90 degree gearbox and power transmission system with ratio converter
  6. Manual and Automatic gearboxes
  7. Helicopter gearbox