We always look for new markets in new countries to expand our distribution network! If you believe your company can establish a successful partnership with us, contact us to find out if you are qualified to apply for this opportunity.You can download the application form from here. To ensure a full profit business plans for those who want to be a part of BURG GERMANY® family we offer two types of distribution opportunities:

Dealer Distribution License

Our self-employed Area Distributors are responsible for distribution of our BURG GERMANY® product line or via a particular sales channel. This business concept is the perfect solution to integrate our products into an existing sales structure which is perfect for small companies with limited turn overs. Benefits are:

  • Full flexibility
  • No minimum order amounts
  • No fixed turnover amounts

Exclusive Distribution License

This business license gives the opportunity to exclusively distribute our BURG GERMANY® premium brand in a defined sales area. The resulting Unique Selling Proposition (USP) allows the exclusive and independent development of the market with our proven premium products and concepts and to profit on a long-term basis. This license is suitable for big companies with large annual purchase abilities. Applicants must make offer based on the country population and number of cars. The benefits of this license are as follows :

  • Exclusivity for BURG GERMANY® brand in the contract territory
  • USP in a define sales area and independent market development