As you are aware of, the pandemic of COVID-19 created great challenges around the world for thousands of companies. Sadly Burg Germany GmbH also is not an exception. In most cases, our employees are not able to do their jobs or they only can do it to a limited extent, therefore projects come to a standstill or very slow progress. Our concern is first not to create health risks to our employees and our valuable customers. Then to proceed with incoming and ongoing projects as good as possible. For your information, we have implemented protective measurements to its highest extends to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for participating in social distancing and understanding the current situation.

Burg Germany GmbH

Endless possibilities in automotive and transportation industries.

Extensive experiences in engine and transmission development, packed with highest technologies, offering complete solutions for every kind of vehicle development demand.


We are able to help you to develop engine and transmission systems for your driveline. Remember to check our projects and satisfied world known customers.


  • Gasoline powertrains design, engineering and development services for light vehicles.
  • Diesel powertrain design and engineering for marine use up to 16 cylinders.
  • Upgrading and optimizing engines.
  • ECU development services.


  • Automatic transmission design and engineering and development services.
  • Commercial vehicle transmission and gearbox design.
  • Industrial gearboxes design and engineering and development services.
  • Testing and calibration of transmission systems and powertrains.


Engine tacho
  • Transmission testing and validation services

  • Powertrain testing and validation services
  • Electronic system and components test and validation services.

Engineers working

Other engineering services

Just a few clicks to the world of precise engineering in Burg Germany GmbH. Dive in to find out.

  • Software and electronics solutions e.g. TCU and ECU
  • Calibration solutions
  • Advisory solutions
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Testing solutions
  • Supply chain support

Below you can find a few of our customer references that we have directly or indirectly worked with. For more information please contact us.

Notice: The above trademarks are protected by international laws and are owned privately and publicly. BURG GERMANY GmbH is only using them as a references to projects collaboration. The content and use rights are restricted and prohibited by trademark owners.


Our supply chain department helps you to find and buy what you need. Either they are replacement parts or they are used as OE. What are the most important things? We tell you as an expert : Quality, Lifetime, guaranty and price. We have it all covered.

Here are most demanded and fast moving automotive parts around the world. Apart from these, we are able to help you find the correct part for your project. Our engineering department helps you to not only design it, but also to manufacture it according to highest OE standards.


Why you should consider working with us as a german brand throughout the world:

Strong Brand

BURG GERMANY® is a very recognizable brand which officially carries the name of GERMANY within its body. By that we always focus on how strong we follow GERMAN engineering culture.

Extensive engineering knowledge

Very precise engineering experiences in different sectors including the highest technologies is what we rely on. We are dominant in what we do especially in powertrain and transmission projects.

We know how this business works

BURG GERMANY® has more than 15 years of experience in this field.

  • We offer a wide range of products which are branded and sold by BURG GERMANY® through sales agents or distribution partners around the world. What we offer is quality along with reasonable price.

OE Quality wherever needed

BURG GERMANY® production facilities are able to produce OE quality parts and components along with after market option. When we design a product we aim for OE quality. Therefore you can always expect the best from us even if its for aftermarket.