Main process aims in Transmission development


There are many functions that a customer wants from the transmission system especially from automatic one. Apart from smooth shifting and perfect ratios which are also available in a manual gearbox, a well programed transmission behavior like a pro driver is expected from one. That’s the job we do. Functions will be packed into the TCU as a must, which work alongside with engine management system to bring perfect functionality with reliability and economy for every driver.

Fuel and Emission control

When we design an automatic transmission, we always look forward to reduce two things, fuel consumption and thus emissions. But on the other hand performance should not be sacrificed by economy. This is the magic of Burg Germany engineering facilities. We always tune up the optimum with maximum.

Cost effective production

Designed for production. From concept to SOP. It all starts from the beginning. Vehicle development for todays production facilities rely on engineered production performance. That is what we put into each of every development project we aim for mass production. In another words, cost effective production engineering systems guarantees less resources for maximum production.

Complete driveline development

When a complete driveline development is desired, we do also develop powertrains to fully match our transmissions. That will ensure less cost and full performance in lesser time. Make sure to check our powertrain development page.

Industries we can cover for transmission and gearboxe development

We can develop transmission and gearboxes which are widely used in different following industries. No matter if they are moving or fixed. We are experts of gearboxes of any kind.

  • Light vehicles and passenger cars transmission manual and automatic gearboxes
  • Heavy load trucks and transportation vehicles manual and automatic gearboxes
  • Construction machineries and agricultural vehicles and equipments
  • Mining industry, loaders and shovel manual and automatic gearboxes
  • Oil and gas drilling industries
  • Light and ultralight aircraft gearboxes
  • Different types of cranes and lifters
  • Escalator gearboxes
  • Coastal and passenger ship drive shafts, gearbox and propeller
  • Bulk carriers and tankers drive shafts, gearboxes and propeller

automotive Transmission types

These are the transmission types we are able to fully develop from A to Z

AT-automatic transmission with torque converter

More known as a torque converter automatic, this widely-used automatic transmission can be found in almost every car. This transmission uses a hydraulic fluid coupling or a torque converter to do the job of changing gears instead of a clutch. The ECU (engine control unit) is directly connected to this mechanism to allow smooth and precise engine control of the vehicle.

AMT-Automated manual transmission

You may know this a semi-automatic transmission, but it goes by other names. This type of automatic transmission uses a regular clutch and gear configuration, but makes use of sensors, actuators, processors, and pneumatics to simulate manual gear use. These types of vehicles are known for jerky engine performance at low speeds and hard acceleration, but can get high fuel mileage over long distances.

CVT-Continuously variable transmission

Using belts or pulleys instead of traditional steel gears, a continuously variable transmission allows for seamless gear shifting with various ratios dependent on engine speed or RPM. This allows for maximum efficiency and continuous acceleration, which is good for fuel economy. However, engine noise can be loud.

DCT-Dual clutch transmission

A combination of an automatic and manual transmission, a dual-clutch transmission has no torque converter. Instead, it uses two separate shafts with their own clutches for gear changing, one for odd-numbered gears, and one for even numbered ones. Shifting to higher and lower gears are seamless, but they can get noisy and can shift roughly after wear. The DCT is a dry transmission that does not need the driver to change the gearbox fluid ever. It leaves the clutches dry and wears out its frictional quality eventually.

DSG-Direct shift transmission

Using a similar setup to a dual-clutch transmission, a direct shift gearbox (DSG) uses two clutches that disengage alternately in changing gears. This setup offers fast shifting and smoother acceleration. Modern systems also provide fuel efficiency that surpass manual gearboxes. A DSG system is a wet transmission, so expect decades of service as long as the fluid is changed regularly.

A closer look at one of our automotive projects

Longitudinal Automatic Transmission Gearbox






Kilometers lifespan

The challenge is to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The current design was done in BURG GERMANY GmbH in order to bring driving comfort with optimized dynamics along with environmental friendly conditions.

A closer look at fine details of this Automatic Transmission shows complicated design done professionally and carefully. This ensures a reliable lifespan up to 1,000,000 kilometers with minimum maintenance.

Transmission control systems – TCU

Clean and environmentally friendly, high performance management systems for today’s transmissions

Hardware development

When we design the hardware, we ensure that individual components function perfectly. Individually and in the system as a whole. With intelligent electronics and todays technologies that work fast, we make a product secure and reliable. We also offer comprehensive solutions, from the concept to the product ready up to SOP. We support our customers during the final production of the relevant electronics components and even after it. This is hassle free engineering.

Software development

Burg Germany Engineering develops smart solutions and intelligent protocols for the powertrain and transmission. And we see to their implementation and accompany our customers up to series production. This way, vehicle manufacturers can rely on intelligent software, while at the same time, short innovation cycles become reality. Our innovative protocols run our transmissions safe, fuel efficient, powerful with minimized emissions.

Testing and calibration

If you look at today’s technologies you find them yet very complex and challenging. Our testing and calibration facilities and engineers look forward to intelligently, optimize the functions and performances in the fields of fuel economy, emission control and reliability. For sure the result will be cost effective and the safety is guaranteed.


We have in depth transmission tests on test benches which can create almost 90% of the environmental situations. More than 30 parameters are checked and analyzed for maximum performance output. In addition rolling tests are also available if needed.