Leading, best and most influential German company active in the supply of automotive parts and engineering. We are providing services to people with steady and predictable growth. This does not mean that we will be the largest, but also means that all the requirements of our customers are fully understood with our utmost to satisfy them.


    Burg Germany delivers distinct set of best products and engineering services to its customers to increase the safety, efficiency and performance of their vehicles so that offering the best quality can meet most customer’s needs.

Our Vision And Mission Statements Show How We Care For Our Customers

2020 Update


Simply reflects our passion of what we want to become. We declare that we want to be influential and give others the power to be the same in our business categories. Avoiding miss judgements, we definitely do not like to sacrifice our quality over quantity. Therefore we simply want to be the BEST not the Biggest.

We understand our customer’s needs and will make a flawless connection with each one of them. Hence to give them the greatest experience ever.


Our mission statement serves as the foundation of our company’s strategic goals. It details the fundamental purpose of our business and what we intend to stand for to our customers. With it we will never go off mission and waste our time and other resources. We are trying to achieve things which are at best peripheral and at worst irrelevant to the objectives it should be trying to achieve, and that is ” Meeting Most People’s Needs”