What we offer that persistently drives you forward

Our main concern is to give our customers best possible business prospects. This includes many facilities from which we highlighted the most important ones as below. BURG GERMANY always keeps a great unbeatable quality to its services in order to assure its customers a flawless operation and products.

BURG GERMANY will shape the future of your business in automotive industry and that’s what we stand for.

  • Design and Engineering Services

    All our parts and products are designed by our engineers base on highest quality specifications. We design everything from simple gear to very complicated gearboxes. We are ready to deliver the same to our customers who want to only benefit from our design and engineering services.

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  • Light vehicle replacement parts and components

    BURG GERMANY delivers very high standard, high quality replacement parts for the OE and aftermarket needs. All packed with warranties, great design and perfect pricing for different needs.

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    BURG GERMANY also manufactures OE quality parts according to highest standards base on test reports. Because we design and engineer our products in-house, we have the facility to supply parts and components to OE and OES.

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Other services


We always follow european standards for products we offer in most of the cases. This also can be altered by customer request base on local accepted standards. These standards in our production facilities ensures safety in our replacement parts.


A secure and safe business in automotive parts market can be reached by Co-Branding strategies. We offer great positions for other companies for Co-Branding.


As we are already been in some markets for many years and having our sales established either through a business partner or not, its obvious that we can give consultancy to those who want to freshly enter in the same spot. Base on a practical partnership, you can either establish your branch or sales agents base on our market model with less resources.